Since 2001, Mycos Technologies has been building software applications for clients around the world. We are based in the Nimman district of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our primary experience is in line-of-business application development, including manufacturing, finance, hospitality and retail. We go deep on tech, leveraging best practices and tools for our clients.

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Tech we Know (and love)

Tech we Know (and love)

Mycos has years of experience, 40+ resources, and a commit to your success. We've worked with an amazing range of technologies. Here are a few:

  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Python, Flask
  • CI/CD with GitHub and GitLab
  • .NET and (almost) all things Microsoft
  • Mobile: iOS and Android
  • React and most modern web frameworks
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Domains we Know

Domains we Know

We're not just tech. We've focused in a few areas along the way:

  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • e-commerce
  • Business Intelligence
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The Top Reasons to Choose Mycos for your software needs

The Top Reasons to Choose Mycos for your software needs

With Mycos, you can build whatever you need without overseeing every detail. We have the maturity to read between the lines, ask the questions, and keep your business moving forward.

  • 20+ years in business with end-to-end experience in software development.
  • Deep and diverse technical knowledge.
  • Broad domain-expertise in retail, hospitality, and data analytics.
  • A commitment to building with integrity and transparency.
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What Clients Are Saying About Mycos

Don't just take our word for it - hear from some of our clients! Check out some of our testimonials below to see what others are saying about Mycos.

Working with Mycos Technologies has been a game-changing experience for our organization. We reached out to them with the need for intricate data pipelines, data analytics, and a robust web application. Their team exceeded our expectations in every way. The professionalism, commitment, and skill of the Mycos team have made them more than just a vendor to us. Look no further than Mycos Technologies.
Rick Goodwin

Rick Goodwin

Co-Founder, Auto Repair Compare

As the CEO ofa consulting company, I can confidently say that our decade-long partnership with Mycos has been nothing short of transformative. Mycos is not merely a consulting company; they are our strategic partners, our guide through the ever-evolving tech landscape, and the catalyst for our continued success.
Michel Moranges

Michel Moranges

Owner, French Consultancy

As a consultancy based in Seattle, we've worked with numerous partners over the years, but our collaboration with Mycos stands out. Mycos consistently exhibits a level of frankness and transparency that is refreshing in our industry. They communicate clearly, ensuring that all parties involved understand the complexities of the projects we undertake together.
Ann Beckman

Ann Beckman

Principal Consultant, Seattle-based Technology Consultancy

Throughout our partnership with Mycos, they have consistently proven themselves as a dependable and skilled ally. Their grasp of our strategic goals, coupled with their technical expertise, has bolstered our steady advancement in a fiercely competitive landscape. Mycos extends beyond the role of a consultant - they are active contributors to our journey, helping us to navigate challenges, drive innovation, and find effective solutions.
Keith Slowey

Keith Slowey

Software Business Owner, Ireland


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