Mycos is based in Chiang Mai, Thailand and has been since 2001. We differentiate as a software outsourcing provider in the following ways
Mycos gives clients straight answers on capabilities and is transparent in business practices. We think that professionalism and integrity in business practices leads to long-term relationships and success.
Mycos' work is very competitively priced for the software outsourcing market.
Mycos recruits engineers for careers, not just projects. We believe that fostering a career path is a key to retaining productive engineers who understand the power of teamwork.
We comply with the law. We license our commercial software tools.
We bridge the cultural gap. We know the intensity of the international business environment.
Our employees are full-time and work in our offices.
We treat our employees as professionals, not commodities. That’s an investment and the right thing to do.
We recruit directly from the top universities in Thailand and strive to retain top talent. Consequently, our leaders are second to none and we have more on the way.
Mycos provides medical benefits, paid vacation leave, English language training, and other benefits to all employees.
As much as we love technology and coding, we understand that processes and communication are even more important and strive to get these right from the get go.

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