What do our interns do?

We have short training course for improving programming skill conducted by professional developers.

Interns are training on scheduled topics.  The assignment for each topic needs to be submitted to the trainer in order to see how much the intern understands that topic and to see the progress of learning.  After the training course is finished, the intern will continue to work on a real project which will let the intern know and learn the related development processes including task planning, coding, user interface design, testing, documentation and customer support.  Besides, working in real project will let the intern know about business logic and develop problem solving skill.

Mycos Technologies accustoms the interns to work with time-tracking which is always used in software development business.  This time tracking time will show what tasks the intern worked on and how much time spent.  Not only technical programming skill will be developed but also the English communication skill.  Mycos Technologies has a professional working style in which English is needed in organizational communication.  Therefore, being an intern at Mycos will bring great opportunities to learn and develop English in both written and spoken forms.

Moreover, the intern will get chance to participate on the weekly discussion time.  In discussion time, there are the presentation about new technology and technical programming knowledge.  The intern will benefit from that participation.



How to Apply:

Send English resume and transcript to

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